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A new 10 track LP is almost here

Make It Beautifiul - cover - name pronounced - smaller

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Make It Beautiful


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Don’t Get Carried
Away (Curtis)

Tour Dates

April 28th

San Antonio, TX - Sherlock's Baker Street Pub

9:30PM Details

April 29th

Corpus Christi, TX - Cassidy's Irish Pub

10:30PM Details

April 30th

Canyon Lake, TX - Baja BBQ Shack

8:00PM Details

May 14th

Boerne, TX - Random Beer Garden

7:30PM Details

May 21st

Comfort, TX - Singing Water Vineyards

6:00PM Details

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  • Back at it tonight in Canyon Lake.
  • Let's do this Corpus. Tonight at Cassidy's! #corpuschristimusic
  • Sherlock's tonight San Antonio!
  • It's one of the perks. #imlookingatyoudonald
  • Change of plans Corpus. We are not playing Cassidy's tonight, but we ARE PLAYING Friday night!
  • Bus stop dispatch. #juryduty
  • Found this on my mantle. Received it over a month ago but have not watched it yet because I don't have a DVD player. I'll have to go old school and pop it in my laptop. RIP Prince. #prince
  • We are doing again tonight in Gruene at Oma's Secret Garden at 7pm - @omagruene #newbraunfelsmusic
  • See y'all tonight at @gruenehall. Starts at 6pm #newbraunfelsmusic
  • Two shows in Gruene this week!
Wednesday at @gruenehall 6pm
Saturday at @omagruene 7pm
See you soon #newbraunfels