Time Marches On


We made new fans and great connections with other bands at our SXSW showcase. Maybe even more noteworthy though, we just so happened to snag a parking spot directly in front of the venue…this is absolutely unheard of. SXSW is infamous for its atrocious parking and load-in for bands. I suppose the sweet parking spot was counter-balanced by the unfortunate absence of an elevator up to the third floor rooftop venue. We had to carry Bert (my upright piano) up several flights of stairs. I should have played the flute.

This month we sadly had to bid adieu to our bass player, Matt Franke, who took a “corporate man” job for UPS in the oh-so-frigid Minneapolis. He is in for a cold cold dose of icy reality. Hopefully he can find some side gigs playing bass up there to keep his chops up. We were very fortunate to replace him quickly with another great bass player from England called James Tommey. Tommey has been playing with us for about 2 weeks now and it’s been a very smooth transition. James has a degree in bass performance from Berklee…so yeah, he’s very solid.

This past Friday we had the honor of opening for Dennis DeYoung (Styx). His voice is as strong as ever and the band’s 4 part harmonies on all the classic Styx hits (Lady, Come Sail Away, Mr. Roboto, Too Much Time on My Hands, and the list goes on) were awe-inspiring.

Above is a photo of me and Dennis after soundcheck. He was very impressed with Bert and we talked keyboards/gear for several minutes. I was fanboying pretty hard.

And now the part where I encourage you to buy stuff from me so that my children can eat πŸ™‚

Our new t-shirts have arrived and are now available to purchase online! Check them out (http://lucasjackmusic.bandcamp.com/merch/mens-gray-upright-piano-t-shirt) here (http://lucasjackmusic.bandcamp.com/merch/mens-gray-upright-piano-t-shirt) . A special thanks to Mike Gomez (my drummer) and Jazel Marie for modeling the shirts! Note that Bert graces the front of the new designs!

Enough of that, on to the music.
Our new album, “Before I Forget” continues to get solid radio play all over the country–34 stations and counting!

I wrote 5 new songs in March and I’m really excited to start incorporating them into our sets. They are intentionally NOT-ballads. I’ve been forcing myself to emerge from the comfort of writing sad ballads and turn up the energy with some raucous, dancy tunes. I love the new songs and can’t wait for you to hear them!

Personal tripping.
This month I have a long weekend trip planned to Seattle to visit my dear friend Jeremy Clem (Clementine’s namesake) and his family. He also has two girls almost the exact same age as my girls. It should be a perfectly hectic weekend. My sister Amy was kind enough to agree to come along as our babysitter-for-the-weekend. Side-note, Amy is an incredible singer. She sang the harmonies on my song “Paralyzed.”

I’m also spending a weekend in Charleston, SC to visit my brother. He has 10 kids. It will undoubtedly make me feel quite silly for periodically thinking my two daughters are a handful.

Despite my being out of town for two long weekends, we are still planning on playing a bunch of dates:

April 1 – Fox Daytime at 9 TV appearance (SATX)
April 1 – Quarry Hofbrau (SATX)
April 2 – Aztec Theatre (SATX) (opening for Sean McConnell)
April 3 – KPFT (90.1 fm) on-air performance (Houston)
April 3 – Corkscrew (Houston)
April 4 – Sobro (SATX)
April 15 – Quarry Hofbrau (SATX)
April 17 – House Concert (Fredricksburg, TX)
April 18 – St. Mary’s Oyster Bake (SATX)
April 24 – Vino Mio (Corpus Christi)
April 25 – Random beer Garden (Boerne, TX)
April 29 – Quarry Hofbrau (SATX)
April 30 House of Rock (Corpus Christi).



Lucas Jack

Cool Out!

The last few months have been fantastic! I’m enjoying the colder San Antonio weather (40’s and 50’s). It reminds me Fall in Chicago. My fellow San Antonians on the other hand, are completely paralyzed by temperatures below 50.

At the end of January, my wife and I took a 10-day vacation with our girls to Chicago and Michigan to visit friends and family. Clementine was not all that impressed with her first encounter with snow. It was great to hang with my old band (The Flavor Savers) for a few days in Chicago and spend some quality time with my siblings and all their children (I am an uncle to 19 kids and counting). Flying with two children under 2 years of age is cheap (no tickets necessary), but exhausting. The freezing temperatures and snow storms made me grateful for the mild Texas winters. While in Michigan I was able to scout out a new music venue in Kalamazoo at the Bell’s Brewery. It was fantastic! We plan to play there when we make our way back to the midwest later this year.

On to the music.

With our new manager we are booking bigger and better shows, branching out to playing regularly not only in San Antonio, but in Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Tyler!

Along with our new album called “Before I Forget,” we have brand new t-shirts with new designs that feature a photo of the upright piano (Bert is his name, FYI) that I play at every show. We just got the shirts in and it will be a few weeks before they are available online. I’ll let you know when they are!

The new album, “Before I Forget,” is getting some solid radio spins on Americana and College Radio across the country and we hope to schedule a tour to visit the cities that play our album the most.

Last Friday we had our album release show for “Before I Forget” at Sam’s Burger Joint Music Hall here in San Antonio. There were over 200 people in attendance and the show was a huge success! Bekah Kelso & The Fellas (another awesome San Antonio band) also played that night and celebrated the release of their new album “No Stranger.”

In the month ahead we have 13 public shows, including a showcase at SXSW (March 17 at Handlebar).

March 4 – Quarry Hofbrau (San Antonio)
March 5 – Sherlock’s (San Antonio)
March 6 – Corkscrew (Houston)
March 11 – Quarry Hofbrau (San Antonio)
March 12 – Hofbrau RIM (San Antonio)
March 17 – Handlebar – SXSW (Austin)
March 18 – Quarry Hofbrau (SATX)
March 20 – City Tavern (Dallas)
March 21 – Sundown at Granada (Dallas)
March 25 – Cabchella festival (San Antonio)
March 26 – Hofbrau RIM (San Antonio)
March 27 – opening for Styx (San Antonio)
March 28 – Sobro (San Antonio)


Can’t wait to see you at a show soon! If we don’t come to your city, let us know that we should and we will!

Lucas Jack