Happy New Year

I can hardly believe it’s 2016 already. 2015 truly soared by me this year-definitely the shortest year on record.

I’ve been busy working the last few weeks with my producers mixing and adding parts to various songs on my new album. My PedgeMusic campaign has been going great. We are presently at 91% of our goal and THERE ARE ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO PRE-ORDER!!!

I know a whole lot of you have already pre-ordered and/or purchased my other various wares through PledgeMusic and I can’t tell you how much it means to me.


We don’t have a whole lot of upcoming shows since this is the slow season for the bar and club business (thanks a bunch New Year’s resolutions). But we do have a few dates on the books:

1/15 – Corkscrew (Houston) 9pm
1/20 – Gruene Hall (New Braunfels) 6pm
1/21 – RIM Hofbrau (San Antonio) 9pm
1/29 – Rockit’s Whiskey Bar and Saloon (Corpus Christi) 9pm
1/30 – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten (New Braunfels) 6:30pm
2/3 – Quarry Hofbrau (San Antonio) 8pm
2/4 – RIM Hofbrau (San Antonio) 9pm

Please note that we are no longer playing the Quarry Hofbrau every Wednesday like we have for the past year. We are now playing roughly once per month.

You can always find my schedule at www.LucasJackMusic.com and you can also “track” me with this super cool service called Bands-in-Town. If you haven’t checked out bands-in-town, it’s a super slick and simple app that helps you keep track of when all your favorite bands (local and national) are playing in your area. I use it and love it.


julie-fur clemmie-lipstick aaaaaaa



We had a very low key Christmas and New Years. We put up Julie’s giant pink Christmas tree and the girls loved that. Clementine and Josie were out of daycare for 2 weeks so my parents visited us for a week and helped me with the girls. Josie is all of a sudden looking so much older. She’s not a baby anymore. Clementine is attempting to be much older than she is in this photo–an attempt at rocking mom’s lipstick.

I recently read a few books that I really enjoyed.

1. Islam and the Future of Tolerance. It was an interesting, quick read. My only qualm with the book is that it is too short. I was hoping for a more in-depth discussion of several topics that were only briefly addressed.

2. Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It. This was a fascinating read. I find most diet and health “information” to be vague, trendy, and anecdotal at best. This book took the refreshing tack of citing tons of actual scientific studies performed with large groups of people. It also debunks a lot of myths about diet and exercise that have made so many of us overweight and unhealthy. I’m currently doing the low-carb thing. It turns out whiskey is not low-carb. Sad Face.



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