Here in St. Louis

The move to St. Louis was smooth and easy, as far as moves go. We now live in a three story townhome, which is a big adjustment from our single story house in Texas. Mainly, there are stairs. Toddlers and stairs are a bad combo. The shared walls also prevent me from being as loud as I’d like to be, especially late at night, when I like to “work.”

But….I found a new studio! Actually, I found a space that really dig in an old tobacco factory downtown St. Louis. The owner has agreed to build out a large studio (18’X46′) for me on the fifth/top floor. It’s a corner spot with 20-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed brick and beams, and five huge windows with views of the city. It is going to be tremendous. The buildout won’t be complete until October, so until then I’m working on my computer in Josie’s bedroom,

I’m also writing and practicing on my new mahogany Kawai K300 upright piano. It’s my very first brand new piano. There was a going out of business fire sale and I got a great deal. It turns out that the salesman who sold me the piano is also the organ player for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are a VERY big deal here. The piano sounds amazing and feels perfect.
Julie’s job is going well and the girls are loving their new daycare. I’m loving their new daycare, too. Daycare didn’t start until August 15, so I had the girls at home by myself for a few weeks.

For a long and detailed account of that experience, you can check out my guest post on Julie’s blog. (

I’m already getting great support from the local radio station, KDHX, which will be supremely helpful for reaching new fans. I’ve booked my first St. Louis show at an iconic club called Off Broadway on September 14. Mike and Justin are flying up here to play that show and the next day we are driving to Falmouth, Massachusetts to play a wedding. It will be good to brush off the cobwebs.

We have a mini Fall Texas Tour planned for October. I can’t wait to see my Texas people!

Here are the dates we presently have on the books:
Sep 14, 7pm – Off Broadway – St. Louis, MO
Oct 13, 7pm – Sam’s Burger Joint – San Antonio, TX – Grab tickets here
Oct 14, 7:30pm – Random Beer Garden – Boerne, TX
Oct 15 – Private event
Oct 16, 3pm – Oma’s Secret Garten – Gruene, TX

Make it Beautiful is now available to stream and download all over the internet!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you soon at a show!


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