Here in St. Louis

The move to St. Louis was smooth and easy, as far as moves go. We now live in a three story townhome, which is a big adjustment from our single story house in Texas. Mainly, there are stairs. Toddlers and stairs are a bad combo. The shared walls also prevent me from being as loud as I’d like to be, especially late at night, when I like to “work.”

But….I found a new studio! Actually, I found a space that really dig in an old tobacco factory downtown St. Louis. The owner has agreed to build out a large studio (18’X46′) for me on the fifth/top floor. It’s a corner spot with 20-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed brick and beams, and five huge windows with views of the city. It is going to be tremendous. The buildout won’t be complete until October, so until then I’m working on my computer in Josie’s bedroom,

I’m also writing and practicing on my new mahogany Kawai K300 upright piano. It’s my very first brand new piano. There was a going out of business fire sale and I got a great deal. It turns out that the salesman who sold me the piano is also the organ player for the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are a VERY big deal here. The piano sounds amazing and feels perfect.
Julie’s job is going well and the girls are loving their new daycare. I’m loving their new daycare, too. Daycare didn’t start until August 15, so I had the girls at home by myself for a few weeks.

For a long and detailed account of that experience, you can check out my guest post on Julie’s blog. (

I’m already getting great support from the local radio station, KDHX, which will be supremely helpful for reaching new fans. I’ve booked my first St. Louis show at an iconic club called Off Broadway on September 14. Mike and Justin are flying up here to play that show and the next day we are driving to Falmouth, Massachusetts to play a wedding. It will be good to brush off the cobwebs.

We have a mini Fall Texas Tour planned for October. I can’t wait to see my Texas people!

Here are the dates we presently have on the books:
Sep 14, 7pm – Off Broadway – St. Louis, MO
Oct 13, 7pm – Sam’s Burger Joint – San Antonio, TX – Grab tickets here
Oct 14, 7:30pm – Random Beer Garden – Boerne, TX
Oct 15 – Private event
Oct 16, 3pm – Oma’s Secret Garten – Gruene, TX

Make it Beautiful is now available to stream and download all over the internet!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you soon at a show!


Farewell Texas

Final Dispatch from Texas. 

We are almost finished packing up all of our stuff for the move to St. Louis. Tonight will be our last night at the house. I’ve got Vanna White packed up with 2 pianos and 4 keyboards and my studio is all in boxes. Before I boxed up my computer I figured I should send out one last newsletter from Texas.

I moved to San Antonio, to this house, on June 27, 2011. During the two weeks prior to moving here  I quit my career as an attorney and married Julie. The day after our wedding we were on our way to Texas.

When we got to our new house (which we rented sight unseen), I was excited to find that it had a separate coach house which could serve has my music studio. Soon after moving in Julie started work at the Air Force hospital. I drove her to work most days since we only had one car (Vanna didn’t come until 2012). Every day after dropping her off I would find myself sitting at this desk, in this executive office chair, next to my old Yamaha-120 keyboard wondering how the hell I was going to make a career out of my fervent, but mostly sporadic passion for music. I didn’t have any completed, original songs.  I had no music gear. I didn’t know a single person in all of Texas. But I was determined to figure it out.

During 2011 and 2012 I learned about 250 cover songs and played mostly solo shows with my keyboard at various open mics, and then patio restaurants, and then bars. I wasn’t playing any original songs at my shows. It did feel gratifying to get gigs at new bars, hear the applause, and make a little money, but I really wanted to write my own songs. The problem was that my original songs were pretty terrible. Long, complicated, and really difficult to sing. Not a recipe for stardom.  It turned out that learning all those covers inside and out really taught me a lot about how to structure a song and write melodies.

During 2011 and 2012 every day was basically the same: spend 3 or 4 hours day at this computer typing up new chord charts and learning new cover songs and then spend 5 or 6 hours writing songs. Not just working on ideas for songs….but actually FINISHING songs. I quickly realized that I had spent the last 25 years of my musical life compiling a million “cool” song ideas but had ZERO finished songs. You can’t go out there on stage and play cool ideas for people. So my goal became finish, finish, finish. And finish I did. A whole slew of really mediocre tunes rife with show tune-ish melodies and cliches.  But things slowly got better. Ooh, I cringe when I listen to those old demos.

In 2012 I started working with my first producer, Mack Damon, who was instrumental in tightening up my writing. I wanted to record with him, but he wouldn’t let me record any crappy songs. Finally, I had 5 songs that were up to snuff and we recorded The Chicago EP in 2012. By 2013 Mack and I finished a full-length album called Sun City (many of the songs on Sun City were later remastered and released on the album Before I Forget).

After the release of Sun City in 2013, I became more confident writing and playing my own songs for an audience. Each time I wrote a new song that I liked, I’d replace one of the cover songs from my setlist (by 2015 I had replaced all of the cover songs with originals – I was playing 3-hour sets of nearly all original songs).

In 2013 I also began playing with my drummer Mike Gomez (the DMG). Mike and I played a ton of piano-drum duo shows and I discovered that I really enjoyed playing in a band setting, as opposed to performing solo. Mike easily matched my passion and intensity on stage and he inspired me to keep improving my musicianship, shows, songs, everything. He also forced me to stop rushing like a runaway train.   For the next few years we added various musicians to our band, Will Kelly, Matt Franke, Matt Zavala, Matt Adler, Ryan Shortt, and James Tommey, among others.  Most recently we have been playing with bassist Justin Schneider and I think it’s the best band I’ve ever had.  The DMG and Justin Schneider are truly un-replaceable. It’s hard to leave them behind in San Antonio.  Mike and Justin will continue to play with me when I tour, but it will invariably be a whole lot less often than the 3 or 4 shows we’ve played every week for the last 6 months.

As I sit here in my studio getting ready to pull all the plugs, I am overcome with the memories of the thousands (yes thousands) of emails I sent to booking agents, bars, clubs, producers, labels, publicists, radio promoters, and event planners. I am overcome with the thought that every song you’ve ever hear me sing, I wrote, edited, re-wrote, scrapped, revised, and finished sitting at this desk. Every rehearsal happened on the drums, piano and PA packed up behind me. All my music videos were edited here, clumsily, as I learned to work Final But Pro. All the imperfections were edited from my press photos as I slowly learned to operate photoshop. I created my first website. I started a Facebook page, joined Twitter, joined (and promptly abandoned) Pinterest. I planned tours, made posters, sent newsletters, schemed, dreamed, all at this desk. Thousands and thousands of hours. It was all worth it.

Last night was my last show in Texas. It was at a venue called Random Beer Garden in the city of Boerne. I’ve been playing shows there about once a month for nearly 3 years. The owners, staff, and patrons have been overwhelmingly supportive. To my complete and utter surprise, the entire bar and beer garden was decorated as a going away party with streamers, cards, posters, and hundreds of hand held fans with life-sized cut-outs of my head. Hundreds of people in the audience each wrote me a note, which they gave me after the show. They made me a piano cake. There were toasts. There were speeches, gifts, tears, hugs, photos, dancing, picture books. And did I mention hugs? There was an afterparty planned with champagne and more toasts. It really left me speechless.  I”m certain it was the best send-off any band has ever received. I’ve had my share of doubts about my decision to play music for a living. Last night’s show silenced them. It’s all been worth it.

Finally, I’d like to thank Vic and Margaret Sylvia for all their love and support over the last three years. If you’ve ever been to a show in Texas during the last 3 years, you have seen them. They have come to EVERY SINGLE SHOW.  I know you are thinking…oh they must come to a lot of your shows. No. They come every single night I play within 200 miles of San Antonio. Sometimes 5 shows a week. We’ve had days where we played two shows in one day and they come to BOTH.  Easily 175+ shows during the last 3 years. Easily.  They first saw me playing solo at the JW Marriott hotel lobby in 2013 and they’ve never missed a show since (Margaret made a video collage of photos of all the venues they’ve seen me play at over the years, check it out here).

Last night, the band took a short break and Vic came to the microphone to make a toast. After a thousand hours of watching me scream into the mic, it was his turn.  He simply quoted a Dobie Gray song that I used to play at most of my cover shows. Vic poignantly summed up his and Margaret’s untiring, unwavering support for me over the years:  “Thanks for the joy that you’ve given me. I want you to know that I believe in your song.” You could hear a pin drop. It about knocked me over.

We decided to close the show with that Dobie Gray song (“Drift Away”). Everyone in the audience came up to the stage and sang, and clapped, and hugged, and it was just perfect.

I can’t tell you how much Vic and Margaret mean to me. I’ve never had anyone believe in me more than they do. I don’t even believe in myself that much. They are what I will miss most about Texas.

Oh, all the feels.

It’s time for the new chapter to begin in St. Louis. I plan to return to Texas to play about 3 times a year. We will be playing Dallas, Austin, Waco, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Boerne, Corpus Christi, and Houston. So y’all don’t forget about me. I’ll never forget y’all.


Just 2 months left in Texas. 

Hey y’all.

It only took a few years of living in Texas for me to fully adopt “y’all” into everyday speech. A uniquely southern contraction. It proved itself far superior to its counterpart – “you guys.” Alas, soon I will be back living in the midwest and will no doubt get plenty of funny looks while I phase it out of my vocabulary. Or maybe I’ll just say it until the day I die. A little piece of Texas I can carry with me. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be moving so soon. I’ve been working through the logistics of the move: the moving truck, a new apartment, new utility companies, new daycare, changing our address on countless magazine subscriptions, etc.

The album has still not been released digitally (Itunes, Spotify, Pandora). We will release digitally once our music videos are ready to go. If you didn’t pre-order it, you can still pick up an old-fashioned hard copy CD at our shows!

Right now we are working on a music video for the “Reruns.” The planned location is the Arneson Theatre.


5/14 – Random Beer Garden (Boerne) 7pm
5/21 – Singing Water Vineyards (Comfort) 6pm
5/29 – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten (New Braunfels) 7pm
6/3 – Sam’s Burger Joint (SATX) 7:30pm
6/4 – Random Beer Garden (Boerne) 7pm
6/9 – Keller Music in the Park (Keller, TX) 6pm
6/16 – McGonigel’s Mucky Duck (Houston) 9:30pm
6/17 – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten (New Braunfels) 7pm
7/1 – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten (New Braunfels) 7pm
7/2 – Baja BBQ (Canyon Lake, TX) 8:30pm
7/9 – Random Beer Garden (Boerne) 7pm

You can always find my schedule at and you can also “track” me with this super cool service called Bands-in-Town. If you haven’t checked out Bands-in-Town, it’s a super slick and simple app that helps you keep track of when all your favorite bands (local and national) are playing in your area. I use it and love it.


I finished reading Purity, by Jonathan Franzen. It was really good and I shouldn’t have let it set on my nightstand for the last 3 months.

I’ve been enjoying watching Togetherness and Silicon Valley on HBO. I’ve also been enjoying Flaked on Netflix.

I’ve been listening to Underworld, by Don DeLillo as an audio book. I absolutely love DeLillo’s writing.
For the last few months, I’ve been writing a song each week as part of a songwriters’ group. We don’t collaborate at all, but we do hold each other accountable for turning songs in each week. Each member of the group has to email their weekly song to all the other members. Some weeks I’m forced to power through some mediocre and even terrible songs, but forcing myself to write even when I’m not particularly “inspired” has helped me churn out some tunes that I’m really proud of. Inspiration is far overrated.
I guess that’s it. Thanks for reading.


The new album is finished!

Thank you so much to everyone who pre-ordered it on PledgeMusic. I just received the first batch of physical copies and I will be signing them and putting them in the mail in the next few days. Here’s the album cover.
The album will not be released digitally (Itunes, Spotify, Pandora) for a few months while we get our publicity and marketing ducks in a row. If you didn’t pre-order it, you can still pick up an old-fashioned hard copy CD at our shows!

Part of the album release process includes making a music video. Spoiler Alert: We are working on a music video for the album’s single, “Everybody Tells Me.”

3/26 – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten (New Braunfels) 7:00pm
3/30 Gruene Hall (New Braunfels) 6:00pm
3/31 – Hofbrau RIM (San Antonio) 9:00pm
4/2 – Random Beer Garden (Boerne) 7:00pm
4/7 – Pearl Brewery (San Antonio) 5:00pm
4/15 – Witte Museum (opening for NIGHT RANGER!!!)
4/16 – Baja BBQ (Canyon Lake, TX) 8:30pm
4/20 Gruene Hall (New Braunfels) 6:00pm
4/23 – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten (New Braunfels) 7:00pm
4/27 – Cassidy’s (Corpus Christi) 10:00pm
4/28 – Sherlock’s (San Antonio) 9:30
4/30 – Baja BBQ (Canyon Lake, TX) 8:30pm

I’m moving to St Louis, MO in July. Julie accepted a private sector pathology position that starts August 1. While I welcome the new chapter in my life, the thought of starting my music career over in a place I’ve never lived is daunting, but I’ll figure it out.

To My Texas People: I am sad to leave a place where I have made so many friends and built relationships with so many fans; but not to worry, I will be returning to Texas to play shows 4 to 6 times a year. Keep checking out emails like this one to keep track of when I’m coming back to your area.

It is still unclear if my band (The DMG Mike Gomez and Justin Schneider) will move with me, but I certainly plan to continue playing with them when I go on tour. Those guys will be impossible to replace in St Louis (if they don’t move with me), but I will just have to make do.

I’m spending all my free screen time watching House of Cards, Better Call Saul, and Vinyl.

Tonight I am planning to go see two artists I admire very much at the Aztec Theatre – Ben Rector and Gavin James. Check them out!
If you can, please try to make it out to a show before I move. I’d love to see you.

Thanks for reading.


Happy New Year

I can hardly believe it’s 2016 already. 2015 truly soared by me this year-definitely the shortest year on record.

I’ve been busy working the last few weeks with my producers mixing and adding parts to various songs on my new album. My PedgeMusic campaign has been going great. We are presently at 91% of our goal and THERE ARE ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO PRE-ORDER!!!

I know a whole lot of you have already pre-ordered and/or purchased my other various wares through PledgeMusic and I can’t tell you how much it means to me.


We don’t have a whole lot of upcoming shows since this is the slow season for the bar and club business (thanks a bunch New Year’s resolutions). But we do have a few dates on the books:

1/15 – Corkscrew (Houston) 9pm
1/20 – Gruene Hall (New Braunfels) 6pm
1/21 – RIM Hofbrau (San Antonio) 9pm
1/29 – Rockit’s Whiskey Bar and Saloon (Corpus Christi) 9pm
1/30 – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten (New Braunfels) 6:30pm
2/3 – Quarry Hofbrau (San Antonio) 8pm
2/4 – RIM Hofbrau (San Antonio) 9pm

Please note that we are no longer playing the Quarry Hofbrau every Wednesday like we have for the past year. We are now playing roughly once per month.

You can always find my schedule at and you can also “track” me with this super cool service called Bands-in-Town. If you haven’t checked out bands-in-town, it’s a super slick and simple app that helps you keep track of when all your favorite bands (local and national) are playing in your area. I use it and love it.


julie-fur clemmie-lipstick aaaaaaa



We had a very low key Christmas and New Years. We put up Julie’s giant pink Christmas tree and the girls loved that. Clementine and Josie were out of daycare for 2 weeks so my parents visited us for a week and helped me with the girls. Josie is all of a sudden looking so much older. She’s not a baby anymore. Clementine is attempting to be much older than she is in this photo–an attempt at rocking mom’s lipstick.

I recently read a few books that I really enjoyed.

1. Islam and the Future of Tolerance. It was an interesting, quick read. My only qualm with the book is that it is too short. I was hoping for a more in-depth discussion of several topics that were only briefly addressed.

2. Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It. This was a fascinating read. I find most diet and health “information” to be vague, trendy, and anecdotal at best. This book took the refreshing tack of citing tons of actual scientific studies performed with large groups of people. It also debunks a lot of myths about diet and exercise that have made so many of us overweight and unhealthy. I’m currently doing the low-carb thing. It turns out whiskey is not low-carb. Sad Face.





The band (Mike Gomez and James Tommey) and I just returned to Texas from Virginia where we’ve been recording a new album for the last few weeks. We finished recording piano, keyboards, bass, drums, lead vocals, and harmonies. We still have to finish guitars, synths, organ, strings, and percussion. As you know from previous newsletters (and other shameless self-promotion) we’ve been using “Pledge Music to give fans the opportunity to pre-order the new album and get access to behind the scenes videos and updates from the studio – like the video below where we are listening to a rough mix of the song “New Day,” which I wrote in Virginia.



clemmie-dance-recital    family-picture-of-a-picture

I missed Julie, Clementine, and Josie while I was in Virginia the last few weeks. Fortunately, my wonderful mother-in-law came to Texas and stayed with Julie to help out with the girls. Sadly, I missed Clementine’s first dance recital, which was last Saturday. Julie said she enjoyed her first stage performance so much that she refused to exit the stage after her routine was finished. She insisted that she be allowed to “dance again.” Her dance instructor had to escort her off the stage. Josie was apparently screaming and disrupting the performance so Julie was unable to capture it on video. Josie has become quite the little tyrant lately, ruling, as Julie put it, with a “tiny iron fist.” We face-timed a lot during my trip and Clementine learned to say “I love you daddy, we miss you.” Now we are gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to my parents coming to visit for a week (free day care).

On Saturday, November 28 we had a great show at Sam’s Burger Joint, despite the frigid temperature. Bekah Kelso opened the show and we did a duet of the Jason Mraz song “I Won’t Give Up.” You can check out some fan footage of that song here: we play Gruene Hall tomorrow (Wed. December 16) from 6pm to 10pm. That will be our last New Braunfels show of the year.

Finally, we just booked a New Year’s Eve show at La Cantera Hill Country Resort. It will be an evening of primarily piano-bar style covers. Mike Gomez and I will do the show as a piano-drum duo. The resort is newly renovated and stunningly luxurious.

Thanks for reading. Happy holidays!



Middle Western Recap


Our Middle Western Tour was awesome! We played 12 dates in 11 states (in this exact, sporadic order: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa). In all we traveled 4,986 miles in our faithful steed, Vanna White! Those close-quarters-miles were spent with me, James Tommey (Bass), Mike Gomez (Drums), and John Owens (Manager). There were many highlights along the way. Most of all it was great to meet and make so many new friends and fans. It was also amazing to re-connect with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, especially Al and Mod and the Hillsdale gang in Grand Rapids, my family and high school friends in Kalamazoo, the Perluts and Flavor Savers in Chicago, and the Julie crew in St. Louis. Thank you all for coming out to support my music! Also, meeting Tom Green while appearing on a Grand Rapids talk show was pretty epic!

I shot some more random iPhone photos and videos throughout the tour. You can check all those out with these links:




After returning from our tour we had several other really great concerts, including shows at two of our favorite Texas venues: Gruene Hall (New Braunfels, TX) and Random Beer Garden (Boerne, TX). We also performed at the Timberwood Park “Music in the Park” concert series and played three shows at the State Fair of Texas! It was my first time at the State Fair and it’s true, everything is bigger in Texas. Also, it’s fried. I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the “Isaac Morehouse Podcast.” Isaac and I grew up together but haven’t seen each other in many years. We discuss my transition from being a lawyer to being a musician. You can check it out here: ISAAC MOREHOUSE: LUCAS JACK

There is a new artist that I just discovered called D.A. Wallach. Last week he released his album “Time Machine.” I cannot stop listening to it! Check it out HERE ( . He also has a very interesting blog on his website. Fascinating dude. I reached out to him and discussed his recording technique and I plan to incorporate his tips in my new album (see below!!!).


There have been some very inconvenient but age-appropriate developments with my daughters, Clementine and Josie. Josie has discovered how to climb on the couch and dive off. Clementine has figured out how to climb out of her crib at night. Life, as I know it, is over.


Now for my most exciting news: I’m recording a new album in December! I’ll be working with two producers (Kit Karlson and Chip Johnson) at Alpine Red Studios in Gainesville, VA. I have 25 new songs that I need to pare down to 9 for this new album. The next few months I will not be playing as many shows while I focus on writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and releasing the new album. There will be tons of stuff happening behind the scenes and I’d like to give you the opportunity to be a part of it all! That’s why I’m using a platform called “Pledge Music.” All my favorite bands have been using Pledge Music to fund and release their new albums. Pledge Music is a unique platform that not only helps artists fund their new albums, but also gives pledgers the opportunity to access exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, photos, etc. of the entire process. Pledgers get to see exactly how the album is made! I will be launching my Pledge Music campaign in the next few weeks and I’ll get you more details then!


Hitting the Road Soon

We are very excited to announce the dates for our Midwest tour of 12 cities in 11 states!

August 11 Norman, OK (Red Brick Bar) 11pm.
August 12 Little Rock, AR (Juanita’s) 7pm.
August 13  Wichita, KS (Barleycorn’s) 9pm.
August 15 Kalamazoo, MI (Bell’s Eccentric Cafe) 8pm.
August 20 Grand Rapids, MI (HOME at the BOB) 8pm.
August 21 Indianapolis, IN (Union 50) 10:30pm.
August 22 St Louis, MO (Firebird) 7pm.
August 23 Germantown/Memphis, TN (Huey’s) 8pm.
August 26 Cincinnati, OH (Stanley’s Pub) 9pm.
August 27 Milwaukee, WI (Kochanski’s Concertina Bar) 8pm.
August 28 Chicago, IL (Martyrs’) 9pm. w/ The Flavor Savers!
August 29 Lefty’s (Des Moines, IA) 8pm.


Can’t wait to see you at a show soon. If we don’t come to your city, let us know that we should and we will!


Lucas Jack

Summer is coming!

Recent Happenings.

On May 2, Julie and I took a 36-hour out-and-back trip to LA for the Jontry/Stoddard wedding..SANS CHILDREN. Our previous 4 flights had included our 2.5 and 1 yr old daughters, so this trip without them made air travel feel like quite the pampered luxury.

On May 4, 5, and 6 I travelled to Nashville with my manager, John Owens to meet with several booking agents and producers. We took a tour and met with the lead engineer of the storied Ocean Way Studios. We are currently in talks with several of the producers that we met trying to decide who we will make our next album with. I can’t wait!

May 15 and 16 we played the Grapevine Main Street Festival and made some great new fans and friends. They liked us so much that they immediately invited us back to play the Grapevine Grape Fest (September 11-13). I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Marc Broussard and his band, who headlined the festival (see photo below). Very awesome dudes and a killer band. They wrapped their own cables and loaded all their own gear…even my heroes have to do the dirty work.


On May 22 Julie and the girls went to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother-in-law’s law school graduation and I stayed behind to play a wedding. And what a wedding it was.

The wedding venue was Don Strange Ranch in Boerne. It sits over a mile off the blacktop road. Mike Gomez (my drummer, aka The DMG) and I got the venue at 330 in the afternoon to set up and it was raining pretty hard at that point. By 430 the area started to flash flood and all the roads in and out of the ranch were closed by the state police. The roads stayed closed until 1am. So the wedding party and all the guests were unable to get to the venue and we and the caterers were unable to leave. So we ate their delicious wedding food, drank the beer and waited out the storm. The wedding was rescheduled for the following day. Mike and I got out at 1am and returned the next afternoon to play the wedding, again. The roads were so washed out that Mike couldn’t get his go-cart of a car (Honda Fit) out of the ranch, so we had to hire a huge flatbed tow truck to tow him out…which happened during the reception. At the end of the day the wedding turned out great, but everyone was
pretty frazzled. It will go down as the great flood of 2015. We even made the evening news…”wedding band and caterers stranded at wedding overnight…”!

On May 30 Julie, I, and the girls travelled to Michigan for my sister Amy’s wedding. While I was there I performed on the eightWest morning show in Grand Rapids and debuted my new song called “Josephine.” A song about…you guessed it, my daughter Josie. Check it out here:

This next month we’ve got some big events coming up. We are especially excited to be playing on Monday June 15 with BEN FOLDS at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, Texas. There is no one I’d rather play with (except Billy or Elton, of course).

Upcoming Shows!
June 12-13 (Corpus Christi, TX).
June 19 – Sam’s Burger Joint (with Poor J Brown) (San Antonio)
June 20 – Local Pour (Houston)
June 21 – Springboard South Music Festival (Houston)
June 27 – Private party for our #1 fans, Vic and Margaret!
July 3 – Rock the Block music fest (San Antonio)


If you made it this far, thank you for reading!!!

Can’t wait to see you at a show soon. If we don’t come to your city, let us know that we should and we will!

Lucas Jack

Bring the Spring

April was another busy blur.

On April 2, we made new fans and had a great show at San Antonio’s new Aztec Theatre, opening for one of my favorite artists, Sean McConnell ( .

On Friday April 3, we travelled to Houston to play “The Corkscrew” – one of our favorite Houston venues. Early Friday afternoon we had the pleasure of performing on-air and giving an interview to Roark on the “Wide Open Spaces” program on Houston’s 90.1 KPFT. There are now 3 dj’s at KPFT spinning our new album!

During the second week of April I took a family vacation to visit my dear friends, Jeremy and Adrienne Clem and their two daughters in Seattle. Seattle is an awesome city. Loved the weather. We also visited my in-laws in Gig Harbor, another beautiful part of Washington.

On April 15 I performed on the ABC-San Antonio tv program SA LIVE to promote our show at St. Mary’s Oyster Bake Music Festival. Here is a clip ( of our performance.

San Antonio native and nationally known ABC news correspondent John Quinones also appeared on the program and really enjoyed our music. Here he is giving us a shout out! (

On April 17 we played a house concert in Fredericksburg, TX. As fate would have it, another star of national news broadcasting, Lara logan ( (60 Minutes) was in attendance and bought all of our albums! She also talked way over our heads about geopolitics of the middle east and Russia for about an hour and a half after the show while we all enjoyed some small batch moonshine.

On April 18 we performed at St. Mary’s Oyster Bake Music Festival. There were over 70,000 people at the festival and it was a blast! Chicken on a stick, oysters, cups of smoked corn. Beer. Delish.

The third week of April I travelled with my wife (Julie) and our daughters (Clementine and Josie) to Charleston, SC where Julie attended a Pathology conference. Side note: my wonderful and brilliant wife was named one of the “Top 40 Pathologists Under 40” by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. I married up. My parents came along as well to help me take care of the girls while Julie was at her meetings. This was my second time visiting Charleston. What beautiful city with amazing food. We did the touristy stuff, including taking a horse-drawn historical tour of the city and spending a day at the aquarium, which Clementine loved.

On the last day of our trip we had a few hours to kill before embarking on the perilous 7 hours of air travel with our two toddlers so we found a park where the girls could “get the wiggles out.” I was pushing Clementine on the swing next to another dad with his daughter. We got to talking and I found out that he is also a touring musician, a piano player and singer named Brendan James ( . We talked about songwriting, gear, record producers, and possibly playing some shows together. What a small world.

This week I’m looking forward to a big show on Thursday (April 30) in Corpus Christi at House of Rock. Then this weekend I’m off to LA for a friends’ wedding. Busy Busy.

In other huge news, we just booked a show on June 15 playing with BEN FOLDS at Stubb’s in Austin, TX. More on that awesomeness in later diatribes.

Upcoming Shows!
April 30 House of Rock (Corpus Christi, TX).
May 6 – Quarry Hofbrau (San Antonio, TX)
May 8 – Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ (Tyler, TX)
May 9 – The Corkscrew (Houston, TX)
May 13 – Quarry Hofbrau (San Antonio, TX)
May 14 – Strange Brew (Austin, TX)
May 15 – Grapevine Main Street Festival (Grapevine, TX)
May 16 – Grapevine Main Street Festival (Grapevine, TX)
May 21 – Hofbrau at the RIM (San Antonio, TX)
May 22 – Drink Texas Biergarten (Boerne, TX)
May 23 – Wedding (Private Event)
May 27 – Quarry Hofbrau (San Antonio, TX)


Lucas Jack