The band (Mike Gomez and James Tommey) and I just returned to Texas from Virginia where we’ve been recording a new album for the last few weeks. We finished recording piano, keyboards, bass, drums, lead vocals, and harmonies. We still have to finish guitars, synths, organ, strings, and percussion. As you know from previous newsletters (and other shameless self-promotion) we’ve been using “Pledge Music to give fans the opportunity to pre-order the new album and get access to behind the scenes videos and updates from the studio – like the video below where we are listening to a rough mix of the song “New Day,” which I wrote in Virginia.



clemmie-dance-recital    family-picture-of-a-picture

I missed Julie, Clementine, and Josie while I was in Virginia the last few weeks. Fortunately, my wonderful mother-in-law came to Texas and stayed with Julie to help out with the girls. Sadly, I missed Clementine’s first dance recital, which was last Saturday. Julie said she enjoyed her first stage performance so much that she refused to exit the stage after her routine was finished. She insisted that she be allowed to “dance again.” Her dance instructor had to escort her off the stage. Josie was apparently screaming and disrupting the performance so Julie was unable to capture it on video. Josie has become quite the little tyrant lately, ruling, as Julie put it, with a “tiny iron fist.” We face-timed a lot during my trip and Clementine learned to say “I love you daddy, we miss you.” Now we are gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to my parents coming to visit for a week (free day care).

On Saturday, November 28 we had a great show at Sam’s Burger Joint, despite the frigid temperature. Bekah Kelso opened the show and we did a duet of the Jason Mraz song “I Won’t Give Up.” You can check out some fan footage of that song here: we play Gruene Hall tomorrow (Wed. December 16) from 6pm to 10pm. That will be our last New Braunfels show of the year.

Finally, we just booked a New Year’s Eve show at La Cantera Hill Country Resort. It will be an evening of primarily piano-bar style covers. Mike Gomez and I will do the show as a piano-drum duo. The resort is newly renovated and stunningly luxurious.

Thanks for reading. Happy holidays!