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Tour Dates

March 16th

New Braunfels, TX - Brauntex Theatre

7:30PM Details

March 17th

Corpus Christi, TX - Executive Surf Club

8:00PM Details

March 18th

San Antonio, TX - Sam's Burger Joint

7:30PM Details

March 19th

New Braunfels, TX - Oma's Secret Garten

6:30PM Details

March 24th

St. Louis, MO - FUBAR

7:30PM Details

April 13th

Houston, TX - The Mucky Duck

9:30PM Details

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  • Playing dress up and jamming Breakfast in America (Supertramp).
  • At the suggestion of @mojicaricky here is Lady Gaga's new Million Reasons song.
  • Miami 2017.  Getting ready for my "Jack Sings John and Joel" (Billy and Elton) concert at the Brauntex Theatre in New Braunfels, TX on March 16.  @brauntextheatre
  • #tbt rocking the Paul Bunyan beard and bod. 
@foreignerlive is coming to San Antonio next month...I'm still waiting on that call about opening the show...and waiting. Have a great Thursday.
  • Bye bye beardo. Almost. We play @libertybarsa tonight at 7!
  • Back in Texas straight ballin in this tortugal green Motel 6.  See you later this week folks.
  • Dusting off some Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.
  • I'm back in Texas next week!
1/10 - Houston at @theduckhouston at 7:30

1/11 - San Antonio at @libertybarsa at 7:00

1/15 - Gruene at @omagruene at 2:00
  • Hey St. Louis friends, come have a few several drinks with us tonight at @cicerosstl

Doors at 8
@integrowband at 815
Lucas Jack at 915
Hymns of the Republic at 1030
  • Cheeeeese.